Press Release: Wayne Kids Win! turns in close to 90,000 signatures to appear on March 2020 ballot

Wayne Kids Win! turns in close to 90,000 signatures to appear on March 2020 ballot

Outpouring of support from residents across Wayne County demonstrates need for after-school programs

DETROIT, Mich.Wayne Kids Win! today delivered roughly 90,000 signatures to the Wayne County Clerk’s office, wrapping up a signature effort to place a proposal on the March 2020 ballot that would increase access to high-quality after-school programs to all children and youth countywide.

At close to 90,000 signatures, Wayne Kids Win! gathered well over the minimum 53,000 signatures from registered voters in Wayne County by today’s deadline to appear on the March 10, 2020, countywide ballot. Once the Wayne County Clerk certifies the signatures, the proposal will be confirmed to appear on the ballot. The Wayne Kids Win! campaign will officially kick off the campaign effort in January.

“The safety of our kids has never been more important,” said Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon. “I am truly excited Wayne County voters have shown support for making this once-in-a-lifetime investment in after-school programs that help keep kids safe and on a positive path.”

“As CEO of a large business headquartered in Wayne County, I know after-school programs work,” said Jerry Norcia, DTE Energy President and CEO. “They provide kids with the skills needed to compete in a global economy — one that demands a skilled workforce, including skilled trades. Wayne Kids Win! is a unique opportunity for our community to make a landmark investment in the future of our young people.”

“This proposal will give voters the opportunity to make a landmark investment in our kids that helps prepare them for bright futures,” said Tonya Adair, Chief Impact Officer at United Way for Southeastern Michigan. “If passed, the Wayne Kids Win! Proposal would increase access to after-school programs year-round for kids in Wayne County and provide stable, dedicated funding for after-school programs to help kids succeed.”

“Every child in every Wayne County community deserves access to high-quality after-school programs, but they are out of reach for thousands of our kids,” said Shawn H. Wilson, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan president and CEO. “If passed, the Wayne Kids Win! Proposal will mark a new day in which all kids countywide have the opportunity to participate in programs that contribute to a strong social, emotional and intellectual foundation that sets the stage for success.”

“As a teacher in the Taylor School District, I’ve seen firsthand how high-quality after-school programs help students succeed before, during and after school,” said Linda Moore, President of the Taylor Federation of Teachers. “By signing the petitions, voters have demonstrated support for workforce development, youth recreation and other after-school programs proven to work.”

The Wayne Kids Win! Proposal would support after-school programs that promote safety, improve math and reading skills, help develop work-readiness skills and provide recreation opportunities for Wayne County children and youth. If passed, the proposal will provide stable, dedicated funding to develop and expand after-school programs countywide.

The proposal would help address an annual $55 million funding shortfall in providing access to after-school programs across Wayne County. The proposed rate of 1 mill would cost the average Wayne County homeowner an estimated $82 per year, or less than $7 per month.

All millage dollars would be reported on a public website and go through an independent financial audit every year to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. In addition, an independent oversight board will evaluate programs for effectiveness.

After-school programs, including those provided over summer and weekends, are proven to reduce drop-out risk factors, improve behavior, boost student achievement and support working parents so they can keep their jobs and support their families.