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Wayne Kids Win! Proposal

The Wayne Kids Win! Proposal will increase access to high-quality after-school programs all year round for kids in Wayne County. It will provide stable, dedicated funding to develop and expand after-school programs proven to work.

Wayne Kids Win! recently spearheading a petition drive to collect 90,000 signatures from registered voters in Wayne County to appear on the countywide ballot in March, 2020. Due to unforeseen issues, the proposal will not appear on March 10, 2020, ballot. We are working with Wayne County to find the best way to move this initiative forward.

The original proposed rate of 1 mill will cost the average Wayne County homeowner an estimated $35 per year, or less than $3 per month.

The millage is estimated to generate $42.5 million annually for 5 years.

The following proposal language appeared on petitions.

“Shall Wayne County be authorized to levy 1 mill, equal to $1.00 per $1,000 of taxable real property, which may be assessed against all property except that exempted by law for the period 2020 through 2025 to provide afterschool programs, including summer and weekends, that promote safety, improve math and reading, build work readiness skills and provide recreation for Wayne County children and youth? The amount raised by the levy in the first calendar year is estimated at $42,503,228.00. The fund is subject to an independent annual audit and will disclose all spending on a public website.”

Every child in Wayne County deserves access to high-quality after-school programs, but thousands of Wayne County children do not have access to them. A recent gap analysis found an annual $55 million funding shortfall to provide Wayne County kids with necessary access to after-school programs. This proposal would double the number of Wayne County kids in high-quality after-school programs by making them available to thousands of additional kids.

The proposal would support after-school programs, including over summer and weekends, that promote safety, improve math and reading, build work readiness skills and provide recreation for Wayne County children and youth. Summer programs, workforce development, youth recreation and other after-school programs help keep kids safe, and on a positive path. Providing after-school programs helps prepare our kids for the jobs of the future and benefits the entire community.

After-school programs are proven to reduce drop-out risk factors, improve behavior, boost student achievement and support working parents so they can keep their jobs and support their families. After-school programs contribute to a strong social, emotional and intellectual foundation for both younger and older kids. After-school programs help ensure all kids and youth in Wayne County are safe and ready to succeed.

An independent oversight board, comprised of Wayne County community stakeholders and youth development experts, will be established to distribute funding to community based organizations that provide after-school services proven to work and address community needs.

To promote transparency and ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely, all millage dollars will be reported on a public website and go through an independent financial audit every year. In addition, the independent oversight board will evaluate programs for effectiveness. The fund shall be administered by an independent nonprofit.

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