When every Wayne County student has access to after-school programs…

Wayne Kids Win!

The Wayne Kids Win! Proposal will:

Provide Wayne County kids with access to high-quality after-school programs all year round

Help ensure all kids and youth in Wayne County are safe and ready to succeed

Provide stable, dedicated funding to develop and expand after-school programs proven to work

kids playing with science toys

Every child in Wayne County deserves access to high-quality after-school programs, but thousands of Wayne County children do not have access to them.

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What the latest studies and research show about after-school programs:

Research shows after-school programs help students achieve academically and are proven to increase graduation rates.

After-school programs are proven to reduce dropout risk factors, improve behavior, boost student achievement and support working parents so they can keep their jobs and support their families.

Summer programs, workforce development, youth recreation and other after-school programs help keep kids safe, and on a positive path.

What every taxpayer should know:

The original proposed rate of 1 mill will cost the average Wayne County homeowner an estimated $35 per year, or less than $3 per month.

All millage dollars will be reported on a public website and go through an independent financial audit every year.

An independent oversight board will evaluate programs for effectiveness to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

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